High temperature corrosion of a Ni-Cr-Fe alloy, showing a very 
wavy chromium oxide layer 
over a flaking flat iron oxide layer

<<< wavy chromium 
        oxide layer 


<<< flat flaking
    iron oxide layer

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We cover most sectors in aspects relating to corrosion and its mitigation as follows:

Sectors covered:

Oil and Gas: Downhole, Subsea, Topsides, Facilities, Upstream and Downstream
Marine: Ships, Static Structures
Energy: Gas turbines, waste incinerators, coal gasification, boilers, Flues,
Refineries, Reactors, Waste to Energy, Carbon Capture, Renewables
Industrial Plants: Chemical, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Water Treatment
Manufacture: Multiple
Waste Treatment.
Mining and Metal Extraction.
Aerospace, automotive, rail, marine, other
Utilities: pumps, valves, pipes, tanks etc
Built Environment: Panels, decorative parts, concrete and reinforced concrete, cooling systems, masonry.
Research: Research into all the above aspects and on any topic which is of benefit to your organisation where savings would accrue or where know-how would give you the edge.
Education: In-house or public. Assistance with career progression advice.
Medical: Prosthesis, stents, Corrosion and nanocoating (New, in progress).
Other: Where the disciplines above come into play.
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Disciplines covered:
Designing for Corrosion Control
Water Treatment
Inhibitors and inhibitor selection
Failure Analysis and Root Cause Analysis
Cathodic Protection
Asset Integrity and Risk Assessment
Total Quality Management for operators and suppliers to the Sectors above
Management of Innovation
Topics covered:
Aqueous Corrosion: Atmospheric, Marine, Chemical, Microbial, Environmentally-assisted Cracking, Galvanic Corrosion, Weld Corrosion, etc.
High Temperature Corrosion:
Gas Turbines, Heat Exchangers, Boilers, Flues, Waste Incinerators, Engines, etc.

Coatings and Inhibitors:
Metallic, Ceramic, Organic Paints.
Corrosion Control Methods:
Corrosion Inhibitors, Biocides, Cathodic Protection, etc.
Miscellaneous: Monitoring Strategies, Trouble-shooting, Risk Analysis, Materials Selection, Failure Analysis.