CMC is a leading independent UK-based Corrosion & Materials consulting company, specialising in providing reliable solutions for corrosion problems related to asset integrity.

Our highly qualified experienced team have solved many diverse industrial corrosion problems for over 70 companies and organisations (more information).                                                    

Our Corrosion Specialists and MBA personnel (see in About us) and a network of associates can deliver field- work solutions based on sound scientific & engineering principles, in a cost effective way.
We have worked closely with Government Departments and companies of all sizes for over 20 years.

CMC has managed large multi-disciplinary projects and has consulted on corrosion and corrosion protection downhole, subsea, and on most types of installations.

An important aspect of our portfolio is the provision of " Best Practice " to extend the life of ageing assets and to ensure sound construction & maintenance for new installations.

We provide written schemes for inspection to enable dedicated inspection personnel to carry out their work effectively.
Our activities include acting as Expert Witness in court & arbitration cases, and also providing education and training in corrosion and materials topics.

CMC provides unbiased advice on all aspects - operational, risk/integrity assessment, failure analysis, welding, personnel competency & training, corrosion mitigation methods, e.g. inhibitors, monitoring, materials selection & development, cathodic protection, development of instrumentation, coatings, biocides, testing, literature surveys, improving in-house knowledge for companies.

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Oil & Gas, Marine, Downhole, Subsea, Energy (e.g. gas turbines, waste incinerators, coal gasification, renewable energy), carbon capture, all types of industrial plants (e.g. chemical, pharmaceutical, water treatment). 
CMC's expertise is available for problem solving and for commercial applications in anti-corrosion, inhibitors, materials selection & development, coatings testing, etc.